How to stop video stuttering/lagging in VLC

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14 December 2014
Customize VLC to Stop Video Stutter

VLC is one of the best media players I’ve come across in my quest for the perfect video player. It seamlessly plays almost any file extension you throw at it across all platforms. However, there’s always room for improvement even on some of the best software. Recently i noticed a peculiar problem whilst streaming a big high definition video over the network, fortunately i found a fix for this problem and thought about sharing it with my family :)

In this tutorial i will discuss some ways to fix this problem in VLC, of course you are free to share your way if* you know one which is not aforementioned and i will most likely just add it to the OP. Hopefully this tutorial will help you fix this problem.

Increase Cache Values

Even when playing an offline video, VLC needs to cache it. It preloads a certain portion of the video from the hard drive to your computer’s main memory or RAM. From there, the player accesses it and plays it. It happens constantly as a video is being played. For HD videos, buffering larger portions to the memory helps with the constant lag.
Here’s how to increase file caching
→ Open Tools > Preferences.


→ In Show settings select All


→ In Advanced settings, click on the parent option that says Input / Codecs.
→ In Input / Codecs scroll down to the options under the heading Advanced.
→ Change the values for File caching (ms) from 300 to a higher value like 1000 or 2000. The value is in milliseconds.


Note: You can also change the values for Network caching (ms) and Disc caching (ms) to see whether it improves your playback performance. Network caching is for files that are stored on a network but are being played in your current system.

Change Video Output Settings

→ In the menu bar, click on Tools > Preferences.
→ Click on Video.
→ In Video Settings, under Output change the value from Automatic to DirectX (DirecDraw) video output. Try OpenGL video output as well.


→ Click Save.

FFmpeg Loop Filter Skipping

→ Open up Tools > Preferences.
→ Under Show settings click the radio button that says All to switch from Simple to Advanced Preferences.
→ Navigate to Input / Codecs > Video Codecs > FFmpeg.
→ Under FFmpeg audio/video decoder find the option that says Skip the loop filter for H.264 decoding.
Change it from None to All.


Alternatives to VLC

There are three other media players that work extremely well for HD movies. Media Player Classic, DAUM Potplayer and Zoom Media Player will work just as well or better than VLC while still being able to open a wide variety of files. They are not however cross platform, so they’ll only work on Windows. Zoom Player has a pay version of its software, but the free version is more than enough. Both of them have remote android applications and plenty of other cool features. You’ll usually find one player plays certain movies better than the others and keep bouncing between all three players.

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Ho0odor3104 Uploader
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01 October 2013
Thanks for sharing! Had the same problem with some movies/series but didn't know there was a solution for it.
WasntxMe10.82K User
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04 July 2013
I haven't had any issues since upgrading to 2.2.1 Weathermax, but I appreciate the tutorial and advanced knowledge.
Good to know someone is looking out for us as the many new Rip preferences come out over time.
Deep61107.22K Super User
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02 September 2011
Thanks for this will try it out.
I get similar stuttering on MPC so I guess there are similar settings in preferences on there.
fiveofseven115.44K KAT Staff
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22 January 2013
There are two other media players that work extremely well for HD movies.

Make that 3... DAUM Potplayer by default plays them better than VLC default.
Matrix63.96K Super Moderator
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14 December 2014
Make that 3... DAUM Potplayer by default plays them better than VLC default.

Added, thankssmilethump_up
dwarfer661930 Uploader
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03 August 2012
The only time I have stuttering is when I open Chrome, video does not stutter but the audio does and all my media files are not even on C: drive.
sandycool01343 Uploader
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07 December 2013
Thank You for your help.
merv16 Uploader
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11 June 2011
yes thank you
kanhaiyam2466 Uploader
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15 August 2012
Can anyone tell me what to do if some HEVC files have segmentation fault.

PS: I have a linux system and for that there is no VLC update, but when I play it on my tab with MxPlayer, it plays very nicely.

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